Sustainable Agriculture

At Stoneheart Farm our passion is food.    We raise lamb, grow produce and spinach in our gardens and greenhouse, and make fresh pasta. All our efforts are directed towards you having an unparalleled culinary experience. Try our lamb and pasta.  We know that you will not be disappointed. We are a diversified farm in the foothills of western Maine.  We raise Katahdin sheep on grass and sell lamb wholesale and retail to discerning customers in central and western Maine as well as Portland. Hayfields are fertilized with the manure from the livestock and is harvested and sold to area farms.We raise produce organically and sell it from the farm and in local farmers' markets.  The kitchen is central 

to the gastronomic theme of the farm and the source of many savory products.  We work long days doing what we love and wouldn't have it any other way. We take our stewardship of the land and the livestock seriously. Sustainability is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We practice intensive rotational grazing and are committed to the humane treatment of our animals. Our border collies enable us to move the flock to remote pastures that would otherwise go unused.  We utilize organic management practices and only use antibiotics when the welfare of the animal is threatened. Visit us and we think you will agree, this is how you want your food to be raised.


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